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Gender Effects for Loss Aversion: Yes, No, Maybe? , with Lachlan Deer, Ashraf Eid, Peter McGee, Daniel Schoch, Hrvoje Stojic, Jolanda Ygosse-Battisti, and Ferdinand M. Vieider, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, (2019) forthcoming 

Growth, Entrepreneurship, and Risk-Tolerance: A Risk-Income Paradox, with Ferdinand Vieider, Journal of Economic Growth , (2019) forthcoming


Accommodating stake effects under prospect theory, with Ferdinand Vieider, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol 55, Issue 1, August 2017, P. 1—28

Stake effects on ambiguity attitudes for gains and losses, with Martinsson, P., Medhin, H. and Vieider, F., Theory and Decision, Vol 83, Issue 1, June 2017, P. 19—35

Common components of attitudes towards risk and uncertainty across contexts and domains: evidence from 30 countries, with Vieider.F, Lefebvre.M, Chmura.T, Hakimov.R, Krawczyk.M, Martinsson.P, Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol 13, Issue 3, June 2015, P. 421—452

Real estate markets and the macroeconomy: A dynamic coherence framework, with Zied Ftiti,  Economic Modelling, Vol 29, Issue 5, Sept 2012, P. 1820-1829

Debt diversification in the European Listed Real Estate Companies, with Alexey Zhukovskiy, Heidi Falkenbach,  EPRA magazine, September issue 2018.


Behavioural Law and Finance, with Olivier l’Haridon, Ferdinand Vieider 


Idiosyncratic risk, insider ownership and Investment: Evidence from REITs» With Heidi Falkenbach, Simon Stevenson 

Debt Complexity, Bankruptcy Costs and Firm Value: Evidence from U.S. REITs, with Alexey Zhukovskiy , Heidi Falkenbach 

Stability of leverage in the U.S.  Real Estate Investment Trusts, with Alexey Zhukovskiy, Heidi Falkenbach 




Financial risk taking, cash holding and risk tolerance. 

Assimilation in the preferences of migrants using representative data for Europe, with Ilse Ruyssen, Ferdinand Vieider

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